Kings of Leon Gibson Thunderbird Basses

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon Gibson Thunderbird Basses

Kings of Leon Gibson Thunderbird Basses

A couple of tours ago I did some work on Jared Followill’s basses, and today the Kings of Leon brought me a couple more to work on before tonight’s gig at the Lancashire County Cricket Ground.

I shielded both bases with copper foil and rewired them using CTS pots, Teflon coated wire and a solid copper earth bus for a bulletproof construction.

The brown bass had a very loose jack socket so I fabricated a brass reinforcing plate to fit inside the cavity and hold the barrel of the jack securely.

5 Comments on “Kings of Leon

  1. That is one cool T-Bird, love the pick guard as much as the natural finish! Could you possibly set mine up? The action is a little high and needs a general service..

  2. Mr. Steve I wanted to know where they got the leather pickguard at? Thanks!

    • I don’t know, sorry. Just that it was made by a guy in Atlanta Georgia!

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