Scalloped Ibanez Jem Fretboard

Scalloping a Jem Fretboard

Scalloped Ibanez Jem Fretboard

Scalloped Ibanez Jem Fretboard

A regular customer of mine asked me to scallop the last four frets of his Ibanez Jem.

Once the scallops were cut and sanded, I sealed the bare wood with a couple of coats of Clear Satin nitrocellulose lacquer.



4 Comments on “Scalloping a Jem Fretboard

  1. I was under the impression that Jems already had the last four frets scalloped. Was this a custom Jem? I’m aware of many people building Jem tribute guitars by putting handles and lions claw trem routes into RG bodies. Was this one of those projects?

    • No, this is a real Ibanez Jem. The model is the Jem505 which doesn’t have the scalloping from the factory.

  2. Can I scallop jem 7v neck? Professional guitar builder said he won´t do it because of the vine thing running through the fretboard. Do you think there is a risk of ruining it? Are the leaves deep enough?

    • Yes it can be done, just so long as you don’t make your scallops too deep.

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