Black La Cabronita

La Cabronita Build

I’ve recently finished this La Cabronita style build, using yet another body from It’s pretty much Fender specification, down to the USA Standard Stratocaster hardtail bridge, pearl…

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P-90 Telecaster complete

Telecaster Style Guitar with P-90 Pickups

This guitar was built on commission from a customer. It features a two-piece ash body from Guitarbuild, an AllParts V-profile neck and P-90 pickups from Wizard Pickups. The…

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Butterscotch Telecaster with Joe Barden pickups

Butterscotch Tele with Joe Barden Pickups

I put this guitar together today for a customer. The body is from and the owner finished it using my Butterscotch nitrocellulose lacquer. I fitted the Joe…

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Bakelite Snakehead prototype pickguards

Bakelite Snake Head Pickguards

I had a request to make one of these so made a few whilst I was at it! These pickguards are made from “Bakelite” sheet and lacquered in…

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Knot fill sanded smooth

More on preparation – sanding sealer and using an index coat

I’m building myself a “La Cabronita” style guitar in black, with a very nice one-piece alder body from Phil at I can’t stress enough the need for…

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Frankie & 5150 Pair

Van Halen tribute guitars

I received an email from a customer who has used my lacquer create tributes to a couple of Van Halen style guitars. Here’s what he wrote: Hi Steve,…

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Finished Ice Blue Telecaster

Ice Blue Metallic Telecaster Assembled

Here is the Telecaster assembled. I’ve used the bridge from a Fender USA 62 Reissue, Fender jack cup, AllParts parchment ‘guard and some great sounding hot AlNiCo V…

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Clear coats sprayed

Finishing an alder Telecaster body in metallic lacquer

Preparation Finishing alder is much easier than painting an ash body as the wood is more tightly grained. The reduction in finishing costs is why Fender used alder…

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Butterscotch Telecaster body with hardware fitted

My recently made butterscotch Telecaster is not for sale

Will experiment with a relic treatment on the body instead. Here is the distressed Telecaster body. Here’s how I distressed the lacquer. I’ll distress the ice blue metallic…

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Back of the butterscotch Telecaster body

Inserting Telecaster String Ferrules using a soldering iron

Here’s how to get the ferrules into a Telecaster without chipping the lacquer. This only works for guitars finished in nitrocellulose. The heat of the soldering iron melts…

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