Ready for assembly

Creating a Candy Apple Red finish

Below I’ll show how to achieve a Candy Apple Red finish on a Stratocaster body. Candy Apple Red is based on the old custom car technique of spraying…

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Spraying a Les Paul Junior Vintage Sunburst

The reason for doing this job was that I have not been able to find any other information about recreating this particular finish. I’ve been fortunate to be…

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Replacing frets on a Caparison Angelus Guitar

This guitar is a long-term test guitar for a UK magazine. It was dropped on its face, suffering some damage from the plain strings to frets 17 and 18….

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Reverse headstock Stratocaster

I’m putting together a Stratocaster for a friend. It’s to match a Telecaster he has so will be painted in a creamy colour. This is the look we…

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Shows the body of the completed guitar, sporting a fetching tortoiseshell style scratchplate

Spraying a Gibson style TV Yellow finish

I often get asked how to spray a TV Yellow finish and have been meaning for a while to demonstrate the process, so here it is. I think…

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Unwind until the saddle is against the far wall

Replacing the Saddles in a Schaller Nashville Bridge

NOTE This applies only to the original Schaller bridge and exact copies. I often read that people find it difficult to change the saddles in a Gibson “Nashville”…

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50s 2 tone strat replica

Tony’s 50s 2-tone Stratocaster Replica

Tony is another regular customer who has produced some superb guitars painted using my nitrocellulose lacquer. I think he has excelled himself with this superb tribute to an…

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Switchcraft coil tap switch (left) and modern donor (right)

Rebuilding a Switchcraft “coil tap” switch for a Gibson ES-335

In the mid-70s, some Gibson semi-acoustics such as the ES-335 and ES-347 were fitted with coil splitting switches, which shorted out one coil of each pickup to provide…

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Removing scratches from the frets using Micromesh pads

Dressing the frets on the maple neck

I covered fret dressing in this earlier post but will repeat the steps here for completeness. The pictures should tell the story but I’ll add some text where I…

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Clear lacquer applied over decal

Spraying the neck

Before spraying I sanded the neck again, checking that everything was clean and wiped over with a tack cloth to remove any dust. I then sprayed another couple…

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