1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior Restoration

This Les Paul Junior has had a hard life. When it came to me for a refinish in nice thin nitrocellulose it was coated with a thick layer…

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Replacing frets on a Caparison Angelus Guitar

This guitar is a long-term test guitar for a UK magazine. It was dropped on its face, suffering some damage from the plain strings to frets 17 and 18….

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Comparing old and new truss rod nuts, old one is very worn.

Replacing a Fender USA Stratocaster Bi-Flex Truss Rod Nut

For some reason known only to Fender, the US American Standard Stratocasters and Telecasters use a 1/8″ Allen key to adjust the Bi-Flex truss rod. It’s okay if the rod is…

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Nashville bridge bowed

Correcting a Collapsed Tune-o-matic Bridge

Tune-o-matic bridge as found on Gibson and other guitars was designed by Ted McCarty and introduced in the mid 1950s as the ABR-1. The design was updated by Schaller…

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I’m nuts about Vintage Gibsons!

These two Vintage Gibsons came in, each needing a new nut. The mid-1960s SG Special had a nut cut too low meaning that the unfretted strings were buzzing…

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Unwind until the saddle is against the far wall

Replacing the Saddles in a Schaller Nashville Bridge

NOTE This applies only to the original Schaller bridge and exact copies. I often read that people find it difficult to change the saddles in a Gibson “Nashville”…

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Switchcraft coil tap switch (left) and modern donor (right)

Rebuilding a Switchcraft “coil tap” switch for a Gibson ES-335

In the mid-70s, some Gibson semi-acoustics such as the ES-335 and ES-347 were fitted with coil splitting switches, which shorted out one coil of each pickup to provide…

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1982 Gibson Ripper Bass

Some Interesting 80s Basses

Following on from the “70s Bass Extravaganza” earlier this year I have two early 80s basses in for set up this week. Gibson Grabber Bass The first is…

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PE-1000GC Aria Pro II Gerry Cott Signature

PE-1000GC Aria Pro II Gerry Cott Signature guitars are like buses…

… you don’t see one for ages then two come along at once! Although I used to own one of the original PE-1000 guitars and wish I’d never…

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Gretsch Firebird Jet refret done

Gretsch 1967 Firebird Jet Refret – mystery holes

When refretting this 1967 Gretsch Firebird, I noticed two small holes in the 14th fret slot and another two in the 2nd fret slot. I’ve never seen these…

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