Restrung and set up

Another LSR Nut Refit (rosewood this time)

Here’s another LSR roller nut rescue, this time on a rosewood board Stratocaster, the previous LSR roller nut repair being on a maple ‘board. This time the fitter…

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70s Bass Extravaganza!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been fortunate to have some unusual 70s basses in the workshop. It was a coincidence that they were all here at the…

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J-200 with JLD Bridge System installed

JLD Bridge System in Gibson J-200

The top on this Gibson J-200 has bellied a bit, so much so that the lacquer on the top has started to crack. Consequently, I had trouble getting…

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Gibson J-50

Gibson J-50 Partial Refret

This vintage Gibson J-50 played great but the lower frets were getting worn and needed attention. The original frets were wide and low, and if I dressed them,…

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Fender LSR after surgery

DIY SOS – Fender LSR roller nut refitting

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, or so they say. The owner of this guitar fitted a Fender LSR roller nut himself and I have to say…

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Les Paul Traditional split neck

Gibson Les Paul Traditional neck split

Here’s another nasty break, this time a longitudinal split in a Les Paul neck, caused by a fall. All that was required was to glue and clamp both…

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Les Paul Traditional broken headstock

Gibson Les Paul Headstock Break

This Les Paul was only a week old when it suffered this catastrophic break. Unusually, the fall was so severe that it broke the fibre headstock face right…

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Zenith Bijou Standard 21 Archtop acoustic guitar

Zenith Standard 21 “Bijou” Archtop acoustic guitar

This 50s archtop acoustic is a Zenith Standard 21 “Bijou”. Zenith guitars were made by Framus in Germany and re-badged Zenith by the importers, who were the major…

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USA Stratocaster refret in Sintoms jumbo wire

Last week I refretted this maple board Stratocaster with huge wire – 0.057″ high. I removed the old frets, left the finish intact and laid the new frets…

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Nasty Gibson Les Paul headstock break

Another Gibson Les Paul Headstock break and collateral damage

Another week, another headstock repair! This one was trickier than most as instead of a nice clean break, the wood had splintered which meant that putting it back…

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