Nashville bridge bowed

Correcting a Collapsed Tune-o-matic Bridge

Tune-o-matic bridge as found on Gibson and other guitars was designed by Ted McCarty and introduced in the mid 1950s as the ABR-1. The design was updated by Schaller…

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Evenly spaced strings

String Spacing on a Telecaster Threaded Saddle Bridge

I had this brand new American Vintage Series ’64 Telecaster in for a setup. Its owner pointed out the very narrow string spacing of the 1st and 2nd strings at…

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Dressing fret ends with a diamond file

Should I Have A New Guitar Set Up?

At this time of year when guitars tend to be bought as presents I get asked if it’s necessary to have it set up, or it’s suggested that…

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Removing scratches from the frets using Micromesh pads

Dressing the frets on the maple neck

I covered fret dressing in this earlier post but will repeat the steps here for completeness. The pictures should tell the story but I’ll add some text where I…

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1982 Gibson Ripper Bass

Some Interesting 80s Basses

Following on from the “70s Bass Extravaganza” earlier this year I have two early 80s basses in for set up this week. Gibson Grabber Bass The first is…

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Butterscotch Telecaster with Joe Barden pickups

Butterscotch Tele with Joe Barden Pickups

I put this guitar together today for a customer. The body is from and the owner finished it using my Butterscotch nitrocellulose lacquer. I fitted the Joe…

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Sunburst Epiphone EJ-200 - another left-handed conversion

Sunburst Epiphone EJ-200 – Another left-handed conversion

Another EJ-200 lefty conversion, this one in sunburst. These really are cracking acoustic guitars with bags of tone and volume. This example (sourced from Thomann) has  much better…

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PE-1000GC Aria Pro II Gerry Cott Signature

PE-1000GC Aria Pro II Gerry Cott Signature guitars are like buses…

… you don’t see one for ages then two come along at once! Although I used to own one of the original PE-1000 guitars and wish I’d never…

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J-200 with JLD Bridge System installed

JLD Bridge System in Gibson J-200

The top on this Gibson J-200 has bellied a bit, so much so that the lacquer on the top has started to crack. Consequently, I had trouble getting…

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Zenith Bijou Standard 21 Archtop acoustic guitar

Zenith Standard 21 “Bijou” Archtop acoustic guitar

This 50s archtop acoustic is a Zenith Standard 21 “Bijou”. Zenith guitars were made by Framus in Germany and re-badged Zenith by the importers, who were the major…

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