Jedson Les Paul raised inlay

Jedson Les Paul copy inlay re-set

When doing a general setup and fettle of this 70s Les Paul copy, I noticed that a couple of the inlays were standing proud of the fretboard. This…

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Dell Arte gypsy jazz guitar bridge reprofile

Dell Arte Gypsy Jazz

The owner of this Dell’Arte DG-P1 “The Pigalle” oval soundhole gypsy jazz acoustic guitar was finding the high action a bit hard to handle so brought it in for…

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PRS Special in Seafoam Green

Paul Reed Smith Special fret dress

A customer brought me his 2011 PRS Special complaining that notes did not ring out and saying that he thought that the frets were uneven. It’s quite unusual…

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Squier JV Precision Bass neck shim

Squier JV Precision Bass

I just thought I’d share this.  I set up this 1983 Squier JV Precision Bass and discovered the original shim in the neck pocket, dated May 83. Needless…

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