Nut calculator

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This calculator is for use with 6-string guitars. It accurately calculates the position
of the nut slots for even-spaced strings using any combination of string gauges. It has two modes of operation:

  1. You can specify the size of gaps you require either side of the e-strings, or
  2. what overall string spacing, E-e (in mm) you require.

It then calculates the required distance for each string from both the bass and treble edges of the nut.

Simply enter the nut width in millimetres and either the end-gaps or the overall string spacing (again in millimetres)
and the gauge of each string in thousandths of an inch (i.e. 46, 36, 26, 17, 13, 10 or whatever.)

Press the calculate button for an instant result.

End gaps (mm):
  Distance from nut edge (mm)
String Diameter (thou) Diameter (mm) Bass Side Treble Side

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