Replacing frets on a Caparison Angelus Guitar

This guitar is a long-term test guitar for a UK magazine. It was dropped on its face, suffering some damage from the plain strings to frets 17 and 18….

Removing scratches from the frets using Micromesh pads

Dressing the frets on the maple neck

I covered fret dressing in this earlier post but will repeat the steps here for completeness. The pictures should tell the story but I’ll add some text where I…

Preparing the neck by sanding and sealing with clear lacquer

Fretting and finishing a guitar neck

I thought I’d demonstrate fretting a neck and finishing it with nitrocellulose lacquer. The neck I used was very nicely made, with a compound radius fretboard which progresses up…

USA Stratocaster refret in Sintoms jumbo wire

Last week I refretted this maple board Stratocaster with huge wire – 0.057″ high. I removed the old frets, left the finish intact and laid the new frets…

PRS Special in Seafoam Green

Paul Reed Smith Special fret dress

A customer brought me his 2011 PRS Special complaining that notes did not ring out and saying that he thought that the frets were uneven. It’s quite unusual…

Dressing the frets on a 90s Fender USA Stratocaster

  Before doing any levelling, you need to be sure that you are working with a straight neck. I’m using a Stewart MacDonald notched straightedge which allows me to…

Refretting a Squier Vista Series Jagmaster

The Squier Vista Series Jagmaster is one of my favourite guitars. The Squier Vista series was made in Japan to very high standards and comprised around 4 models….