Ready for assembly

Creating a Candy Apple Red finish

Below I’ll show how to achieve a Candy Apple Red finish on a Stratocaster body. Candy Apple Red is based on the old custom car technique of spraying…

Dressing fret ends with a diamond file

Should I Have A New Guitar Set Up?

At this time of year when guitars tend to be bought as presents I get asked if it’s necessary to have it set up, or it’s suggested that…

Switchcraft coil tap switch (left) and modern donor (right)

Rebuilding a Switchcraft “coil tap” switch for a Gibson ES-335

In the mid-70s, some Gibson semi-acoustics such as the ES-335 and ES-347 were fitted with coil splitting switches, which shorted out one coil of each pickup to provide…

La Cabronita body

La Cabronita build (3)

The La Cabronita is complete. Well, almost. I’m sending it back to Italy without a pickguard as the owner is undecided whether it should have one. Here are…

Building a SAGA TC-10 Part 7 – Final assembly

Fit the string guide String the guitar. Place the string guide over the b and e strings and find a suitable place for its placement on the headstock….

Building a SAGA TC-10 Part 4 – Assembly

Attaching the neck to the body At this point you can attach the neck to the body using the four large screws. Use the neck plate to act…

Building a SAGA TC-10 Part 2 – The Neck

Shaping the headstock Because the Telecaster headstock shape is a trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corp. (FMIC) then all modern kits come with a blank or “paddle” headstock…

Refretting a Squier Vista Series Jagmaster

The Squier Vista Series Jagmaster is one of my favourite guitars. The Squier Vista series was made in Japan to very high standards and comprised around 4 models….