Knot fill sanded smooth

More on preparation – sanding sealer and using an index coat

I’m building myself a “La Cabronita” style guitar in black, with a very nice one-piece alder body from Phil at I can’t stress enough the need for…

Les Paul Traditional split neck

Gibson Les Paul Traditional neck split

Here’s another nasty break, this time a longitudinal split in a Les Paul neck, caused by a fall. All that was required was to glue and clamp both…

Les Paul Traditional broken headstock

Gibson Les Paul Headstock Break

This Les Paul was only a week old when it suffered this catastrophic break. Unusually, the fall was so severe that it broke the fibre headstock face right…

Close-up of the disressed pickguard

Distressing my Butterscotch Telecaster Body

More as an experiment than anything else, I decided to have a go at relicing the body I finished in August. The first job is to add a…

Clear coats sprayed

Finishing an alder Telecaster body in metallic lacquer

Preparation Finishing alder is much easier than painting an ash body as the wood is more tightly grained. The reduction in finishing costs is why Fender used alder…

Back of the butterscotch Telecaster body

Inserting Telecaster String Ferrules using a soldering iron

Here’s how to get the ferrules into a Telecaster without chipping the lacquer. This only works for guitars finished in nitrocellulose. The heat of the soldering iron melts…

Wet sanding the front of the body

Finishing an Ash Telecaster in Butterscotch nitrocellulose lacquer

I’m often asked how to spray a butterscotch guitar body so thought I’d put together a bit of a tutorial. Please note that I do not offer a…

Shell Pink La Cabronita

La Cabronita build (1)

I’m putting a La Cabronita style guitar together for a customer in Italy. He has supplied all the parts but was unhappy with the “sonic blue” finish on…

Sonic Blue Fender Mustang headstock

Rob Granville’s Sonic Blue Fender Mustang refinish

Rob Granville kindly sent me some pictures of the Fender Mustang he recently refinished using my lacquers. I think you’ll agree its a brilliant job!

Telecaster build for Matt

Telecaster-style guitar build

I finally finished this build today – a Tele style guitar which uses a Warmoth vintage style body and an AllParts fat neck. The ash body was stained…