Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop Refinish

I was asked to refinish the top of this 1981 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe which was originally sunburst but had been “goldtopped” using what looked like car spray….

Les Paul Traditional split neck

Gibson Les Paul Traditional neck split

Here’s another nasty break, this time a longitudinal split in a Les Paul neck, caused by a fall. All that was required was to glue and clamp both…

Nasty Gibson Les Paul headstock break

Another Gibson Les Paul Headstock break and collateral damage

Another week, another headstock repair! This one was trickier than most as instead of a nice clean break, the wood had splintered which meant that putting it back…

Jedson Les Paul raised inlay

Jedson Les Paul copy inlay re-set

When doing a general setup and fettle of this 70s Les Paul copy, I noticed that a couple of the inlays were standing proud of the fretboard. This…

Les Paul Standard original Corian nut

Removing a Gibson Corian Nut

A  regular customer of mine recently bought a 2006 Les Paul and brought it to me for a setup. As soon as I straightened the neck, which had been…

Epiphone bridge saddles reduced, smoothed and slotted to radius

Left-handed Epiphone Les Paul Upgrade

Here’s a lefty Epiphone Les Paul that I upgraded the other day. The list of upgrades is: Tusq nut fret dress rewire setup Tusq nut The nut on…

Gibson Les Paul Custom Headstock Repair

Gibson Les Paul Custom Headstock Repair

Here’s another Gibson Les Paul headstock repair, the second within the space of two days! The owner of this guitar had left it in his rehearsal room and come…

Vintage Lemon Drop upgrade

Upgrade to Vintage “Lemon Drop”

I recently performed a full upgrade on a Vintage Lemon Drop guitar. These guitars are great value for money but obviously at such a low price, some components…

Vintage White Les Paul Junior

I built this Les Paul Junior copy from scratch and finished in in Vintage White nitrocellulose lacquer. The body is one piece of mahogany, with a maple neck.

1956 Les Paul Gold Top

This Les Paul came to me badly refinished in polyurethane varnish. I completely stripped it (apart from the area around the serial number) and refinished it in nitrocellulose…