Ready for assembly

Creating a Candy Apple Red finish

Below I’ll show how to achieve a Candy Apple Red finish on a Stratocaster body. Candy Apple Red is based on the old custom car technique of spraying…

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop Refinish

I was asked to refinish the top of this 1981 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe which was originally sunburst but had been “goldtopped” using what looked like car spray….

1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior Restoration

This Les Paul Junior has had a hard life. When it came to me for a refinish in nice thin nitrocellulose it was coated with a thick layer…

Surf Green Stratocaster finished

Marty McCann’s Surf Green Stratocaster

Marty sent me some pictures of his Mexican Strat refinish that he’d done. Marty wrote: “Thought I would share my before, during and after pix of my lefty…

P-90 Telecaster complete

Telecaster Style Guitar with P-90 Pickups

This guitar was built on commission from a customer. It features a two-piece ash body from Guitarbuild, an AllParts V-profile neck and P-90 pickups from Wizard Pickups. The…

Stratocaster neck stripped and oiled

Strip and Oil of Stratocaster neck

This Stratocaster was built by one of the UK’s best makers of relic guitars. The owner, who’d had it from new, complained that the back of the neck…

La Cabronita body

La Cabronita build (3)

The La Cabronita is complete. Well, almost. I’m sending it back to Italy without a pickguard as the owner is undecided whether it should have one. Here are…

Shell Pink La Cabronita

La Cabronita build (1)

I’m putting a La Cabronita style guitar together for a customer in Italy. He has supplied all the parts but was unhappy with the “sonic blue” finish on…

Sonic Blue Fender Mustang headstock

Rob Granville’s Sonic Blue Fender Mustang refinish

Rob Granville kindly sent me some pictures of the Fender Mustang he recently refinished using my lacquers. I think you’ll agree its a brilliant job!

David’s Surf Green Duo-Sonic

This was also refinished by a customer. It’s a mid 90s Mexican Fender DuoSonic re-issue with a 22″ short scale neck. David writes: “Results are great! Again I…