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I love Squier and Epiphone guitars!

Compared to the days when I was starting out playing guitar, entry level guitars are now so much better. My first 6-string electric was an Avon Les Paul copy, now regarded by some as collectors items if you believe the sellers, but not by me! This was the late 70s, the time when upgrading was invented. Brass hardware was all the rage and DiMarzio hit the scene with their “Super Distortion” humbuckers. Well I fitted a pair and a set of Schaller tuners and my Avon rocked!

Today’s entry-level guitars come with far better hardware, but there comes a time when either the original equipment is getting tired or you just want to squeeze that extra mile out of your guitar. It’s time to upgrade!

I can fit just about any new hardware to your guitar, from tuners to bridges and just about anything else.

New bone nut fitted

New bone nut fitted

Replacement Nuts

Your guitar’s nut is an important factor in how well it plays. A well-cut nut made from suitable material will enhance your guitar’s tuning stability, intonation and playability.

The picture shows a bone nut fitted to a Vintage “Lemon Drop” guitar as part of a complete upgrade featured here.

I like the nut slots cut shallow, with a depth less than half the string diameter for wound strings and about the string diameter for plain strings. I use my nut calculator to accurately determine string spacing on my hand cut top nuts.

Tusq is my preferred nut material but I will make nuts from bone or brass on request.

Heavy duty neck kit

Heavy duty neck kit fitted.

Heavy duty neck kit

The owner of this Nash Stratocaster wanted the added benefits of my heavy duty neck kit. The main reason for this is that the owner likes a very precise action but due to changes in humidity found that he often had to adjust the truss rod which of course requires removing the neck. Using this neck fitting makes the job much easier with no risk of wear in the neck wood. Although the fat neck of this guitar contributes to a great sound, the neck kit improves this even more.

Fitting is a quick process and can be completed in under an hour. You can see in the main photo how well the machine screws fit the thick stainless steel plate.

You can find step-by-step instructions for fitting the neck kit in a blog post.

You can buy my neck kits in my shop under “hardware”.

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