Hofner Model 4575 65-3

Höfner Model 4575 65-3

Hofner Model 4575 65-3

Hofner Model 4575 65-3

This Höfner Model 4575 “65-3” guitar which dates to 1965/66 and I’ve just rewired it as the controls were unreliable. despite a good clean.

Alan at Project Guitar Parts supplied the switches and also a reproduction pickguard and bracket. The pickguard needed to be cut to accommodate the pickups.

Eagle-eyed aficionados will spot that the tremolo arm is not correct and the owner’s next job is to source one to fit.


9 Comments on “Höfner Model 4575 65-3

  1. A Hofner just like this one fell in my hands in early 1979, from my music teacher Robert Barta who lived in Downey, CA. I played it throughout ’79, and it went into deep storage for a long time. When it emerged from the caverns in 1994, the electronics were shot, and I didn’t have the means to repair them, so I traded the guitar for some recording gear at a music store in Sherman Oaks.

    I would be very interested to learn what became of that guitar after it left my hands.

  2. @Davide – I have a 4575 Cherry Red for sale you are still looking ?

    Mr 4575

  3. How much for this Guitar Höfner Model 4575 65-3

    Best regards Thomas Blangs

      • Thanks for the reply Steve
        The reason for my question is that the 4575 and 65-3 are different guitars. The 4575 was built for distribution worldwide, excluding the UK, and had no serial number. The 65-3 was built specifically for the Selmer Company for sale in the UK and had a label with the model and serial number

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