New Lacquer Colour – Taos Turquoise

A few people over the years have asked for this colour so I have finally decided to make it a stock item.

Taos Turquoise

3 Comments on “New Lacquer Colour – Taos Turquoise

  1. Just a quick comment to say thanks for the terrific service Steve … got the Taos lacquer and grain filler/primer only a couple of days after ordering ,..just waiting for the weather to improve to get my Jazzmaster painted … will send a few pics when the job is done … Regards … Hugh

  2. The product page of the paint has two colours which is the most accurate of what it looks like?

    • PLease see my “Nitrocellulose lacquer frequently asked questions” page, it’s the first FAQ.

      Q. Why do the colour swatches show two different colours?
      A. Where the lacquer colour shows a darker shade on the right hand side, it represents the colour of the lacquer when sprayed over with my Light Tint Gloss clearcoat.

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