Fret Calculator

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This page accurately calculates the position of the fret slots for guitars and basses.

Simply enter the the number of frets and the scale length in millimetres then press the calculate button for an instant result.

Some common guitar scales expressed in inches and millimetres

  • 24.00″ = 609.60mm (Fender Duo-Sonic/Jaguar)
  • 24.75″ = 628.65mm (Gibson or Rickenbacker)
  • 25.00″ = 635.00mm (PRS)
  • 25.50″ = 647.70mm (Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster/Jazzmaster)
  • 27.67″ = 702.82mm (Baritone)
  • 30.00″ = 762.00mm (Short scale bass)
  • 33.25″ = 844.55mm (Medium scale Rickenbacker bass)
  • 34.00″ = 863.60mm (Long scale Fender bass)
Fret Distance from previous fret (mm) Distance from nut (mm)

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